10 Delicious savoury recipes for Easter

It’s almost Easter so check out some delicious savoury recipes for appetizers, side or main dishes and prepare a special brunch and dinner for your loved ones. Get creative, learn something new and check out ten delicious savoury recipes for Easter: Photo credit 1. Floral pink Deviled eggs This chic appetizer is a new and trendy way to do the

How to Work With Chocolate – Foolproof Tips

Willy Wonka and the movie Chocolat make working with chocolate seem romantic, creative, delicious and… easy. It seems that all you need is an artistic soul and a good idea. But don’t put your chocolate in the melting pot quite yet – there are rules. Rules? Making chocolate is actually a complicated chemical process that takes special equipment and a

9 Delicious Recipes for a wonderful Easter

This Easter get creative and learn new cool and delicious recipes that you and you’re guest will definitely enjoy. From sweet to salty dishes, here are nine tasty suggestions for you: Photo credit 1. Carrot Cake Cupcakes Do you like carrot cakes? Then, for Easter you should try dreamy carrot cake cupcakes! They will look lovely on any table setup. Find

10 Bubbly Cocktails for the New Year’s Eve party

There is no party without the perfect drink, so for the New Year Eve create special cocktail recipes for your guests to enjoy. Think of sparkling drinks that go perfect with this celebration and start getting creative. Here are ten dreamy recipes with bubbly cocktails: 1. Blackberry Thyme Sparkler Besides looking refined and truly dreamy, this drink is perfect for

10 Sweet and lovely recipes for Easter

Easter is almost here so you have to prepare the dinner or lunch menu for your lovely guests. Because we are big sweets fans we will start with ten ideas of dreamy deserts for Easter. Hope you’ll like them, have fun cooking! 1. Easter egg cookie dough truffles These colorful eggs are actually sweets you can make for Easter. So

10 delicious Thanksgiving recipes

It’s time to plan your Thanksgiving dinner and because this is a holiday that focuses a lot on delicious and good looking food, we found ten recipes you will dream about. They are yummy and cool and also great surprise for your guests: 1.Cranberry Asiago Turkey Sliders This is a great appetizer for the special holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s also