10 Delicious salad recipes for a fresh and light summer

It’s a warm summer so all we need is some fresh food served in the dreamiest home decor! So serve your brunch, lunch or dinner outside and have a fresh yummy salad. Here are 10 delicious salad recipes for a fresh and light summer:

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1. Strawberry Spinach Salas with Avocado

This amazing salad looks simply delicious and it’s the perfect blend between salty and sweet. It also has some of everyone favorites – strawberries and avocado so go check out the recipe here.

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2. Broccoli salad

If you want something very healthy for your fresh summer try this broccoli recipe. I’m sure there are a lot of broccoli fans out there (I’m one) so go learn this easy to do recipe here.

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3. Avocado blueberry quinoa salad

Here is something for all avocado and quinoa lovers! This delicious looking salad has a lot of healthy ingredient in it and a bonus – blueberries, so go check out the dreamy recipe here.

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4. Spinach Berry Salad

Another fresh and delicious looking salad is the Spinach berry one. It looks so good you should instantly plan a small terrace or balcony gathering with it. Go learn the recipe here.

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5. Chinese chicken salad

Here is a delicious chicken salad you can do if you want a light chicken dish for summer. It’s also super healthy and has lots of vitamins so go and check out this yummy recipe here.

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6. Green Goddess Pasta Salad

Hello all you pasta loves out there and check out this delicious pasta salad recipe. Yes you can have pasta with anything and this dish it’s actually healthier and lighter. Find the recipe here.

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7. Honey mustard chicken salad

This is another great and delicious chicken salad recipe, but this one is actually for people who love a sweet salad taste. So, go and check out this fresh recipe here and get ready for a chic lunch or dinner.

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8. Nicoise Salad

This yummy salad looks super stylish and has a lot of fancy ingredients like asparagus. It’s also a potato based salad with lots of other delicious vegetables, so go learn the recipe here.

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9. Grilled chicken cobb salad

This salad idea is super nutritious, healthy and complex. It has lots of yummy ingredients that revolve around the grilled chicken – the star of this fine dish. Check out this yummy recipe right here.

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10. Refreshing watermelon salad

In the end here is something sweet and refreshing for you with everyone’s summer favorite – the watermelon and other yummy fruits you can find this warm season. So, go and check out the recipe here.

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