Wonderful modern loft in London

A wonderful one bedroom loft in London of only 45 sqm and a great space organization. The modern loft is located in an old brick building with direct views over the Thames. It was recently renovated to add more modern details. The color palette throughout is mainly neutral, there is a high ceiling  with fabulous dark structural wooden beams for

Top 7 Spring home decor ideas

When we think about spring, we can instantly imagine a fresh, airy vibe. Every season has its own ups and downs but there’s not a lot of people who can say they don’t love spring. It’s all about the “new fresh vibe” that this season brings along. After a grey environment during the winter, we are all super excited about

Studio apartment decor tips

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed trying to find the perfect solution for decorating your home? While trying to merge style, storage and functionality in a normal size home, it’s completely challenging doing it in a studio apartment. It may look like there’s just not enough space to fit everything into the same place. Decorating your home can be challenging

IKEA bedroom in terracotta shades

Earthy shades in bedrooms are big trend right now and we are here for it! Step inside this dreamy IKEA bedroom where terracotta hues, natural material and black details blend beautifully for a cozy and modern result. In a terracotta colored bathroom, rattan and wood furniture & decor items work great! IKEA is proposing DELAKTIG rattan headboard for this bedroom