10 Urban Outfitters items we adore in April

From spring themed deco elements, to nature inspired items, make April a celebration of color, nature and happiness. Check out 10 Urban Outfitters items we adore in April: 1. The floral headboard If this headboard doesn’t scream Spring, then, I don’t know what does. You can match it with a romantic, boho or ethno look and your bedroom will look super dreamy.

10 Dreamy H&M Home items for the perfect home garden

It’s that time of the year when we want to spend more time in our dreamy gardens or in different outdoor spots. Gardening can become our favorite activity and sun bathing can really grow on us right now. So, check out 10 dreamy H&M Home items for the perfect home garden: 1. The mini greenhouse This adorable tiny greenhouse steals the

A fun Urban Outfitters kitchen

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for spring! We had such a long and cold winter, so I just can’t wait to enjoy warmer weather and the sun! This is Urban Outfitters kitchen gives me so many spring and laid back vibes, a relaxed Cali spring, if there is such thing. Loving the rich dark green kitchen

5 Reasons why we love statement mirrors

With a quick recap of the home decor items we loved in the past year and still do, statement mirrors can easily be in our personal top. These deco elements gained more and more popularity with different shapes and materials that make a home truly dreamy. So, check out 5 reasons why we love statement mirrors: Photo credit 1. They make

10 New H&M Home decor items you should have in 2021

The new H&M Home elements get you closer to nature, creating also a unique and relaxing vibe in your home. So, check out 10 New H&M Home decor items you should have in 2021: 1. Original vases Uniqueness is something very important in 2021 so choose original and creative looking vases for your flowers or pampas elements. Shop this one right

10 Dreamy home gifts for a gorgeous holiday

Do wish to make a fancy and dreamy gift for someone’s home? Well, we have the perfect ideas, all under 350$! So, go and check out our list of 10 Dreamy home gifts for a gorgeous holiday: 1.The Twelve Days of Christmas Candle set – This set looks like the perfect gift and has 12 candles with dreamy Christmas drawings. You

10 Items we love from H&M Home’s Romantic fall collection

This fall we can ”fall in love” with new and dreamy decor pieces with a romantic vibe. The fall nostalgia gives us a romantic feeling we also wish to show in our lovely homes. From floral prints, to art and elegant shapes make your home truly romantic this season. Get inspired by checking out 10 Items we love from H&M Home’s