Best studio apartment ideas

Even if you find yourself living in a studio apartment by choice or not, you can definitely can make the most of it. Just because your home it’s not big enough, that’s not a reason why you will downsize on your needs. You can definitely create the home of your dreams even in a studio apartment. Certainly, you may feel

2023 decor ideas

2023 is just around the corner and we all start doing our wish lists. If besides eating healthy and going to the gym more, you are thinking on 2023 decor ideas next year, we’ve got your back. Decorating trends, as in fashion, come and go. You need to make a list for the things you would love to change and

6 Christmas table styling ideas

Are you really excited about the Holiday Season and you’ve started your research for decorating? Us too! There is no way you will not add some decorations in your home beginning of December. It will bring cheer and joy every single day and will put you in a good mood, for sure. For instance, there are people who will go

Top interior design trends 2023

As we’re getting closer to next year, there are some trends considered to be “in style” in interior design, as well, as in other areas. For instance, as in fashion, interior design trends come and go. Most of the times, what’s considered “timeless” can be confused with boring. That’s why, you need to add some specific touches that will make

Anthropologie Holiday collection 2022

If you’re one of those people who starts planning Christmas shopping list beginning of November, you’re not the only one! You get so excited about the Holiday Season and wander around stores trying to find the perfect gift for every friend and family? We’ve got you covered! For example, there are some who love everything about Christmas and others that

Best Christmas home decor ideas this year

Christmas is just around the corner and you can feel the vibe everywhere. Although, when you start to think about decorating the house for the Holidays it can feel a bit overwhelming. For some people is pure joy, while for others it could be too much. For instance, decorating your house could be simple or as elaborated you want it