Kitchen Wall Decor For Your Next Project

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a warm and inviting space where meals are prepared, stories are shared, and memories are made. But a functional kitchen doesn’t have to be bland. We’ll explore a variety of design ideas to elevate your kitchen walls, incorporating stylish and functional elements that reflect your unique personality. Kitchen Wall Decor Your walls

10 Bedside Table Ideas

Ah, the bedside table. Often overshadowed by the grand bed and the luxurious mattress, this little piece of furniture plays a vital role in our nightly routines. It’s the trusty companion that holds our bedtime essentials, the loyal guardian against rogue water glasses, and sometimes, even a secret stash of our favorite novels. But bedside tables come in all shapes,

Best Christmas home decor ideas this year

Christmas is just around the corner and you can feel the vibe everywhere. Although, when you start to think about decorating the house for the Holidays it can feel a bit overwhelming. For some people is pure joy, while for others it could be too much. For instance, decorating your house could be simple or as elaborated you want it

8 Nordic interior design ideas to steal

Nordic interior design is great, you can make a space look effortless, but cozy, inviting and full of personality. Neutral colors and a nature and a relaxing vibe best define these charming spaces that are loved by everyone. So, learn from the best and check out 8 Nordic interior design ideas to steal: 1. Nordic interior design – Plan the

Modern Artistry – Christiane Lemieux for Anthropologie

I really love and enjoy the designer collaborations from Anthropologie. Today will have a peak at the Modern Artistry range from Christiane Lemieux for Anthropologie Home. Retrospection is the key word for this collection, a celebration of design history and the decorative arts. The dinning room collection is inspired by the Northwestern coast of France. Arched walnut frames, woven rush