7 Ways to save space and organize your home

We all have imagined the idea of a dream home at one point in our life. At time goes by, that initial idea can morph in various styles and concepts and when it comes to actually purchasing our first home, we find ourselves stuck between a tight budget and a head full of grand ideas. Sooner or later, we will

5 Outdoor Halloween Decoration ideas to try this year

It is time for outdoor Halloween decoration ideas! Is Halloween month so you better start getting ready! Begin with the outdoor space and let everyone know you enjoy this holiday and you like getting creative while having fun. Check out 5 outdoor Halloween decoration ideas to try this year: Photo credit 1. Decorate your front door and entryway The first

IKEA 2021 Catalog preview

The New Year is close and one of the things that hints the beginning of it and lets us know about a couple of interior design trends for 2021 is definitely IKEA’s new catalog. Impatiently waiting for the new catalog launch on 6 August we take you through some of the home decor inspirations that are going to be featured

A couple of dreamy finds | fashion, beauty & decor

I was thinking to mix up a bit the things around here and include a couple of more of fashion & beauty content. Of course, with dreamy things that I like and some that I actually tried ( on the beauty side, nonetheless). So, periodically, I would say weekly, but I can promise,  I will make a little list with