Modern family home in the south of Israel

A beautiful modern house in Moshav in the south of Israel, home of a foodie couple and their daughter. He is a food photographer and she is a food photography stylist.

The project is a new home build and designed by Nurit Nevo Tanamy of NurDesign and her husband. Nurit designed & decorated the home and her husband was project manager and construction engineer in charge with the building of the home.

The couple wanted something a bit different for their interior designed, to stand out from the crowd. They asked for a dramatic house that makes a bold statement. Of course, giving their occupation, they wanted a big kitchen as well.

Nurit went for a black, green and grey color palette, added local art and a lot of house plants. We do love house plants! The result? A fabulous blend of bohemian chic and clean modern design.

Photos by Elad Gonen

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