How to value your home property: learn the basics 

Valuing your home can be needed for various reasons, such as covering taxation, property insurance, and investment research. The most common use of real estate valuation, however, is in establishing the asking price when selling a piece of property.   This article will define the factors that affect home value and show you how to estimate it.  Factors That Affect Your

Top 10 cleaning hacks for 2022

1. Use a lint roller (like the ones for clothes) to clean your window screen Yes, lint rollers can also work in cleaning your home. Start 2022 with clean windows and dreamy looking window screens by cleaning these screen with lint rollers. They help removing the dust and lints these screens tend to hold. 2. Choose lemon juice for cleaning

What does home and contents insurance cover?

Content insurance is an insurance policy used to cover the cost of replacing or repairing your household furnishings such as electrical appliances, sporting equipment, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and other personal possessions. Home insurance, on the other hand, covers damage caused to your home. This insurance policy covers items belonging to the policyholder and any other family member who lives with