Tiny modern two room apartment

This tiny modern two room apartment is quite charming! There isn’t much space available but the all the 39 sqms where put to good use. The tiny Scandi apartment with industrial touches features an open social space with the living room and kitchen. In the small space there is also a kitchen island that doubles as a bar also, love

4 Apartment design trends for 2022

“The design of your home influences not only your mood but also health and general well-being,” says Timothy Corrigan, top interior designer, in an interview for Vogue. And it is true. You cannot neglect the psychology of interior design, as it is proven to reduce anxiety and blood pressure, or simply lift up your spirits. In this article, you will

How To Incorporate Metal Around Your Home

Most people don’t normally consider using metals when constructing or revamping a home, even though their pros can’t be ignored. Metals are amongst materials that aren’t affected by bad weather, making them long-lasting for your home’s interior and exterior.    In addition, metals are sustainable, and their aesthetic features are vital in giving better results than other building materials. And time,