La Redoute Christmas Collection 2021

The new Christmas Collection from french brand Le Redoute is fantastic and super budget friendly! They have 3 main styles for this Christmas Collection: Contemporary Natura, Contemporary design and Contemporary Classic so you’ll find something for everybody. The collection is full of wood pieces, elegant gold details and glassware as well as artsy pieces. And if you are more on

Your Absolute Guide to Walk-In Baths: What They are, Their Benefits, and More

The solution presented by walk-in baths is remarkable, and the walk-in bath revolution has begun. Walk-in baths have allowed people with mobility difficulties to have a much easier (and safer!) time in the bath. In addition, they have enabled individuals to have a well-deserved, relaxing bath without worrying about how they can make themselves comfortable. But if you’ve heard about

Weekend dreamy mix

The past week was a bit crazy for me, but now I’m enjoying an extra long weekend.  An extra long weekend filled with coffee, books, good food and birthdays. So, it should be fun & relaxing.  With everything going on in the world, I think is best to take every day at a time and focus on the little things

6 Easy Christmas Decor ideas for you to try this season

Prepare for Christmas with some easy and stylish deco ideas that will bring the festive holiday vibe in your dreamy homes. Check out 6 Easy Christmas Decor ideas for you to try this season: Photo credit 1. Style creative vases with Christmas tree branches Vases were the home decor stars of 2021, so lets celebrate them even in the holiday