Memphis Design – 5 Reasons you should consider this trend that made a huge comeback from the ’80

Created in Italy and named after the Bob Dylan song ,,Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”, the Memphis movement started in 1981 and, as you can think, it shows all that you know about that crazy and funky period. Basically, it’s radical, funny and outrageous and it will bring personality to any home.

So get to know this daring 2019 fall trend through 5 reasons why you should pick it for your dreamy home:

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1. It’s a reaction again the minimalist movement

While everything in the ’50 or ’60 was about the perfect lines and structure in the ’80 the Memphis design wanted something different that was more playful. So, if you are bored with the minimal look, think about this crazy design.

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2. Its very artsy

Based on geometrical figures that can remind you or the Art deco style and having the fun Pop Art colors, this style will really stand out in a home and also a Memphis space will never be consider boring.

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3. Everything gets curvier

Think of the Art deco shapes and focus on the new trendy curvy sofas and chairs. Moreover, forget about rigid furniture, the Memphis design looks inviting and very comfy!

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4. Play more with terrazzo!

Terrazzo is a colorful and funky material itself and this season it’s also super trendy and popular, so pick it for your furniture and deco elements.

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5. Think of multiple colors

As I said before, forget a little bit about a minimal style and neutrals and add some color in your home. Colors bring shape, personality and happiness. So think about the daring ’80 colors – orange, red, yellow, blue (all in electric shaped of course) and make your home full of personality.

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