5 tips to design your bedroom for a peaceful sleep

Your sanctuary for sleep could be the reason behind sleepless nights. Ironic, isn’t it?

Although bedrooms act as multifunctional rooms in a lot of households, the habit is not healthy, not if you can afford to shift your other activities to another room in the house. Bedrooms in the modern world are causing insomnia, for all the wrong reasons. A bedroom is supposed to be the most peaceful, luxurious and cozy part of the home, nothing less than a soothing oasis to quench your thirst of a good night’s sleep.

All the tried and tested advice like limiting screen time before sleep as well as avoiding coffee and alcohol in the evening and after, does not work if it’s the bedroom itself that is striving hard to sabotage your sleep.

Here is how you can design your bedroom to suit your sleep and get you snoring in no time!

Bed basics:

As the name of the room suggests, your bed is meant to be the star of the show, the highlight of the room. Make sure it gets all the spotlight. When it comes to your bed, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Placing it right: The perfect placement goes a long way in securing quality sleep. It is advisable to place the bed against a wall and in clear view of the door, and window.

Adjustable beds: Why compromise and opt for an ordinary bed when you can choose adjustable beds. Not only do adjustable beds let you customize your sleeping positions, but also make for a piece of great sitting furniture. Adjustable beds have become a common item in many households, and for good reason. They’re a fantastic option for sleep and they can provide supreme comfort.

Layering it up: Lastly, layering up your bed is a sure-shot way to ensure ultimate comfort while making it look cozy and stylish. You can layer up adjustable beds with mattress, thin breathable sheets, comforters, blankets, and more sheets. Just keep in mind to align patterns and textures properly. It is imperative to choose neutral palettes of colors and similar patterns for a tidy look.

Clutter Free Zone:

Once you’ve chosen the perfect adjustable beds, it is time to look into the other important aspects of the room. Cleanliness tops the list of things required for a desirable bedroom fit to sleep in. Clutter and mess can stress out our minds and make it difficult to sleep. Keep your bedroom tidied up by investing in racks, hangers and quality storage.

Storage that can double up as furniture is the way to go if you are low on space and want multifunctional pieces in your bedroom. Off the floor shelves, revolving storage and storage boxes that double as tables are some quirky and efficient ideas to get rid of the clutter and make your bedroom look cooler. Ensure that you have as less standing and table lamps as possible and get them fixed on walls.

Floor Talk:

What could be more welcoming than a soft rug that lends a cozy feel to your space, provides a warm landing pad for your feet, and helps buffer noise while you sleep? Look for options that are durable as well as comfortable and compliments your furniture and walls.

Paint It Light:

Light hues of blue, green and yellow are great to lend a calm feel to the room. White is another classic option. These colors are easy on the eyes and induce sleep.

Textures and Materials:

Ditch bold patterns, colors and add a hint of personality by refraining from dark shadowy artworks. Opt for natural, organic materials and pair them with calming neutrals. Potted Plants and fresh flowers are a good addition to bring in freshness and a dash of natural colors.

Photos by Adrienne Andersen & Daria Shevtsovafrom  Pexels

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