7 Moroccan inspired spaces for an exotic summer

This summer the Moroccan look is super popular. And we sure Love Morocco, it has that unique magic and it always looks chic, relaxing and exotic. So, here are seven ideas on how to decorate your home with Moroccan touches:

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1. Colorful look

Go colorful with your Moroccan inspired space and mix colorful velvet deco elements and cool modern chairs with printed rugs and covers with Moroccan influences. Also, add some magic in this space with glam lamps, choose chic elements like a silver coffee table and decorate your corners with oversized exotic plants.

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2. Cozy feeling

Even if it’s summer get cozy with the Moroccan style and surround your bedroom and living room with furry covers and rugs, round raffia carpets and printed blankets and covers added on chairs, sofas or beds. Also, add rattan lamps, a dreamy golden round mirror and surround each room with a lot of green plants, in all sizes.

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3. Cool vibes

Mix the Californian style with the Moroccan deco look and you will have the perfect summer living space. Match retro furniture with ethno rugs in black and white, make a wall full of round mirrors and decorate the space with mid century chandeliers and Moroccan inspired deco elements, such a cool deco mix!

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4. Dreamy office

A Moroccan inspired office is a perfect idea for a relaxing space where you can work in peace. Choose a neutral color palette and pick a Moroccan inspired chair you can decorate with a cozy cover to make it more comfy. Surround your desk with a lot of green plants and decorate the space with dream chasers. All is left to do is make wishes, and come out with great ideas for work.

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5. Calm vibes

This kind of Moroccan decor is ideal for a neutral space. Mix neutral furniture with Moroccan inspired prints and decorate the space with ethno inspired pillows, a statement rattan lamp, a lot of green plants and the perfect statement carpets and Moroccan inspired deco elements.

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6. Relaxing afternoon

Imagine you’re in a Moroccan hotel and make a themed dining space in your home. Use a statement ethno rug to define the space and pick rattan furniture for it. Also, choose Moroccan inspired framed pictures, a gorgeous rattan lamp and flowers in the same color palette that will match this dreamy space.

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7. Summer dream

A  Moroccan inspired terrace it’s a great idea if you have a big outdoor space. Choose rattan daybeds and armchairs and decorate everything with colorful pillows and rugs. Stick to the same color palette and also make the space more exotic with oversized tropical plants and dreamy fresh flowers.

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