Dreamy ways to make your home an exotic paradise

Here are our favorite six ideas on how to make your lovely home looking like an exotic paradise:

1. Pick small home trees

Home trees are huge right now because they bring nature closer to you and they also look really dreamy. So pick one or two oversized home tree and add them in your lovely living room next to neutral or green furniture.

2. Choose a lot of plants

Make a small botanical garden around your kitchen, bedroom or living room and see the advantages plants have on a home. They also look pretty pretty dreamy and you can match them with exotic paintings, wooden furniture and deco item in Earthy tones.

3. Add an exotic framed picture

Pick a statement framed picture with something green and exotic and you will love how it will look on top of your bed in your bedroom or in your living room next to your coffee table. Pick an oversized painting with this theme and you will see it will become the main focus of any room you add it in.

4. Pick an exotic wallpaper

Decorate a wall in your kitchen, bedroom or living room with an exotic wallpaper that will make your home feel like always being in a hot season. You can also pair it with some other exotic prints for a paradise or jungle vibe.

5. Make a fun gallery wall with leafs

In you dreamy hallway, living room or in a corner of your lovely home add a galley wall in green, with a nature theme. Pair it with golden elements and neutral furniture and you will love the result!



6. Choose an exotic print for your furniture

Armchairs, pillows, covers, curtain, anything in your dreamy home can have a cute exotic print. You can mix and match them and also add around them some oversized plants.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant ways to enhance the space. Love the ideas by the way. The plant picture is an artistic way of decorating the space 🙂 love it.

    Vritika xx