7 Dreamy reading corners you will be smitten with this Spring

Get cozy and start relaxing in the perfect reading corner. Make a short list for spring and summer reads and create this corner that will make you relax and read more. From retro touches to nature inspiration, here are 7 dreamy reading corners you will be smitten with this Spring:

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1. Nature inspiration

Create a reading corner that carries you into nature. Start with a green chair and, then, decorate the space with a lot of green plants and – standing or floating and nature inspired elements like a dreamy wooden side table.

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2. Vintage vibe

If you love the retro style, then make a vintage themed reading space and read a classic book in it. It will take you back in those lovely times. Choose a retro armchair and match it with artsy painting, plants and a stylish shelf.

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3. Pink touch

A pop of color makes any space happy and your favorite color will make your reading corner even more desirable. So, choose a colorful and comfy chair for this space and surround it with ethno, boho and nature inspired pieces.



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4. Relaxing feeling

If you love a serene vibe for your reading corner, then choose a light color palette for this space. Also, choose an oversized plant or more, they will give you the calm feeling that you’re reading in the nature.

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5. Glam touch

If you like a glam and feminine style, then make your reading corner like this. Choose a pink or velvet chair for this space and surround it with glam pictures, floral motifs and motivational quotes. To glam up the space even more choose a vintage inspired lamp.

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6. Nature is right next to you

The nature inspiration is super important right now in home decor and goes great with a Spring reading corner. Start with a nature inspired chair with an elegant style and fill a wooden bookcase with your favorite books, albums and also with recycled deco elements.

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7. Dreaming of vacation

This corner is super motivational and looks calm and serene. Choose an ethno themed chair and surround it with pampas elements. Then, choose a stylish nature inspired shelf , like a rattan one, for books and your favorite souvenirs.

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