6 French farmhouse decor style interiors you will adore in 2021

Giving us the illusion of a continuous vacation or bringing us childhood memories, the farmhouse style is gaining more and more popularity in the home decor world. So, get more inspired and integrate this dreamy and relaxing looking style in your home. Check out 6 French farmhouse decor style interiors you will adore in 2021:

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1. The relaxing looking living room

If you’re looking for a cozy living room add farmhouse deco items in it. Decorate a wooden bookcase with farmhouse deco elements and tree branches, choose a lot of plants, a nature and neutral color scheme and also natural fabrics.

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2. Bon apetit!

Having a farmhouse dining space will feel like having dinner in the middle of nature. Choose nature inspired chairs and a beautiful wooden table and decorate the table with dreamy pampas elements and the sitting area with cozy fabrics.

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3. The pretty things

Having a farmhouse inspired kitchen space is showing off the prettiest things you own in your kitchen – from mugs, to glasses or wooden cut boards. Every element will shine on a shelf along with a lot of nature inspired kitchen utensils like wooden spoons or boards.

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4. The new farmhouse

The new farmhouse style is mixing glam and farmhouse elements all together. A glam chandelier will work wonders with a country chic bed and room. Also, glam chairs will shine beautifully with wooden deco elements making everything a dreamy mix that’s trending right now.

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5. The essentials

A farmhouse bathroom is like getting up in the middle of the nature at the camp side or a tent trip. So, choose elements that look a lot like like nature when decorating this space and add shabby chic details, mix metals with wood and decorate this lovely space with plants or scented flowers.

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6. Mix & match

The farmhouse style is about mix and matching wonderful pieces. Match an ethno rug with rattan and raffia elements and beautiful green plants. Chose open shelves and show off the dreamy and unique pieces you own.

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