8 Dreamy trends that will come back in 2021

We love trends that are coming back in style, it gives us the chance to go antique shopping, repurpose some items and see again the trends that we loved some years ago. So, check out 8 dreamy home decor trends that will come back in 2021:

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1. Dark spaces

We know we love spaces with lots of light, but dark and mysterious spaces, along with dark furniture are back in style. Forget white and plain furniture! It’s time to think about dark and antique inspired furniture and dark and mysterious spaces, painted in elegant shades.

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2. Textured walls

Because walls painted in one color or with different additions like bricks are out of style, it’s time to make room for plain walls painted in popular shades or having a vintage looking texture. It look super cool, right? And it perfect for a modern inspired interior.

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3. The Granny style

Grandma’s favorites are now going in your home! Antiques are back in style and so it’s the traditional and cottage style so go visit your grandparents and steal some dreamy treasures from their vintage inspired homes.

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4. Traditional style kitchen spaces

We’re back to traditions and we love to make our kitchens more traditional using farmhouse or French inspirations. It’s time to keep your pretty dishes in sight and mix them with art. Styling is very important in your kitchen and seeing everything will inspired you in creating delicious and inventive dishes.


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5. The cottage style

Speaking of traditions, the cottage style we admire so much when going to the country side is super popular right now and it’s prepared to be featured in our dreamy homes. This style values nature inspired elements and also antique and original pieces bringing a warm and relaxed vibe in any home, the kind of vibe we really need right now!

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6. Cozy and natural furniture and fabrics

We value more the natural fabrics and also the cozy pieces that really emphasize on the idea of comfort. We want to feel good and comfortable in our dreamy home and that’s why cozy and natural fabrics are gaining more and more popularity.

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7. The woodwork

As the nature inspired spaces are super popular right now, we look at furniture made out of wood for our kitchen space, our bedroom or living room area. These elements look simply lovely bringing a creative and relaxing touch in any home you add them in.

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8. Neoclassical details

The neoclassical details are back, making any home more glam than ever! Let’s begin with the trendy statues and finish with gorgeous wall details or mirrors. Fancy and sophisticated, choose these elements for a glam, romantic and modern home and mix them with gorgeous flowers and elegant candles.

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