10 New IKEA sofa models for 2022

Are you looking for a new sofa? IKEA is proposing new sofa models for 2022, some you already now, some are brand new. The classic Ikea sofa models are now in different shades and fabrics for 2022! You’ll see a lot of green and khaki, blue and grey shades and a couple of neutral and more bright ones.

IKEA has a sofa for every need, convertible or not, sectional or simple, classic or modern, small or large, you have a lot of models to pick from. You just need to know I little bit what style do you want.

The sofa is a central piece of any living room and all the other furniture & decor pieces depend on it. So, it’s wise to get a good sofa, so you can build your design around it.

Let’s discover together 10 NEW IKEA sofa models for 2022:

IKEA Klippan two seat sofa 180 x 66 x 88 cm

IKEA Färlöv two seat sofa 218 x 88 x 106 cm

IKEA Äpplaryd three seat sofa  231 x 82 x 93 cm

IKEA Blakullen daybed 206 x 85 x 94 cm

new IKEA sofa models

IKEA Vinliden two seat sofa 203 x 108 x 97 cm

new IKEA sofa models

IKEA Grönlid three seat convertible sofa 277 x 104 x 164 cm

IKEA Linanäs two seat sofa 137 x 76 x 80 cm

new IKEA sofa models

IKEA Landskrona 3-seater sofa  204 x 78 x 89 cm

IKEA Vallentuna two seat sofa 166 x 84 x 93 cm

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