6 fabulous plant display ideas for indoors

Planning the way you decorate your home takes a lot of time and research and it always depends on the space available. If you are a plant lover and want to bring a part of nature into your home, you need to know that this also needs to be planned carefully, so that it completes the rest of the decor harmoniously. If you’re a beginner interested in learning more about caring for houseplants, I suggest checking out JustHouseplants.

Here are 6 fabulous plant display ideas for indoors:

1.Open bookshelf full of plants

This 16 cube storage rack is an unusual choice, because it’s regularly used for displaying books, clothes or shoes, but it works amazingly well for plants too. It organizes plants and gives a clean aspect and it also has the advantage of fitting many styles.


2. Plant ladder

If you want an effortless display of plants that also looks good, a ladder shelf is the right choice for you. Another important aspect is that it is extremely versatile and makes full use of the limited spaces.


3.Urban jungle office

If you spend a lot of time working at your home office, it can get really dull.Vamping up the space with plants not only will bring joy to it but will also improve the air quality. If you want to add more, you can install water walls for the office space you have.


4. Hanging garden

A spacious living room with new furniture can become too boring, so fill the space by mapping out some plants. Climbing stairs can become a real hanging garden with some plants carefully design to match the area.


5. Wall shelves full of plants

Wall shelves are always a great idea, because they turn an empty wall into a perfect form of display and provide space for storage – in our case plants. 


6. Hexagon shelves with plants

Nature and bee lovers will find these floating wall honeycomb shelves a fantastic addition to any room. You can arrange the shelves in any layout you want and the result will be amazing!


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