A timeless Christmas home

I didn’t start decorating for Christmas yet, I only have a lovely wreath that was gifted to me last week and that’s about all. Still postponing the whole process, but this dreamy & timeless Christmas home kinda gives me a nudge to decorate. It is not overdone, it is subtle, classic & timeless, love it. designed by the team at Sarah

How to redecorate slowly

Everybody’s situation is different and so, as perfect as it would be to decorate an entire home from start to finish at once, this just isn’t the case for everyone. There are so many reasons why you might need to decorate over time; from needing to budget because you are receiving benefits; or perhaps you work as a contractor and

8 Pro Tips On How To Sell Your Home As Is

Selling a house is a huge venture to undertake. Even if you don’t intend to upgrade the house first, bringing it back up to code can be draining. Selling a house involves investments of money, time, energy, and patience (and that’s to say nothing of emotional investment!) However, some sellers do not have the money or time to get things

Beyond Aesthetics: 4 Reasons to Install Office Partitions

There has been a trend in today’s commercial spaces toward creating warm, welcoming environments that make employees feel valued and trusted. That doesn’t mean there’s no place in today’s world for office partitions, though. It just means business owners need to think about them a little differently. Read on to find out why today’s business owners are installing glass office