10 Urban Outfitters items we adore in April

From spring themed deco elements, to nature inspired items, make April a celebration of color, nature and happiness. Check out 10 Urban Outfitters items we adore in April:

1. The floral headboard

If this headboard doesn’t scream Spring, then, I don’t know what does. You can match it with a romantic, boho or ethno look and your bedroom will look super dreamy. Shop this lovely headboard here.

2. The golden mirror

Make your bedroom’s vanity just fabulous with this golden mirror. Match it with your favorite jewelry and beauty products. Shop it here.

3. Nature indoors

If you love nature, but you can’t take care of plants, how about making a Greenery Collage. Get your kit here and start getting creative in your bedroom or living room.

4. The entryway mirror with storage

Make your entryway dreamy and functional with this cool and modern mirror, especially because round mirrors are trending right now. Shop it here.

5. The glass shelf

Get retro with this dreamy golden and glass shelf. It can hold your favorite beauty products, jewelry and chic small deco elements. Check it out here.

6. The colorful blanket

Celebrate Spring with a colorful blanket that can give you a big smile everyday. Add it anywhere and purchase it right here.

7. The white bluethooth speaker

This dreamy Marshall bluetooth speaker goes just dreamy with the spring season, modern elements and green plants. Find it here.

8. Female form ceramic side table

Celebrate women and art with this amazing side table. It looks super creative and can really make a corner stand out. Shop it here.

9. The nature inspired lounge chair

The nature inspired chairs are the most popular ones this year and the lounge option is just perfect for the Spring season. If you like it purchase it here.

10. The leather sofa

Choose a leather sofa that matches the colors of nature and add it in a retro or bohemian room, it will fit in great! Check it out here.

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