10 Dreamy IKEA kitchen spaces that will inspire you

IKEA  has some of the most functional, practical and dreamy kitchen spaces in any style you can imagine, so I thought it’s going to serve as the perfect inspiration for your next kitchen space. So, check out 10 dreamy IKEA kitchen spaces that will inspire you:

1. Green and glam

Forest green kitchen spaces are one of the most popular ones you can try this year. They are elegant and nature themed and they go great with wooden details, classy items and golden elements.

2. Retro vibe

Retro kitchens made a huge comeback this year bringing back the mid century inspired wooden ones and the cottage kitchens. Go elegant with a retro inspired kitchen made of wood which you can mix with golden handles and your favorite flowers and plants.

3. The hang out spot

If you love to hang out in your kitchen, then create a functional space around a kitchen island. Make it a reading space, a cooking one or one just for hanging out with friends. It’s super practical and can work even as a storage space.

4. Nature & art

If you love a natural, minimal and calm look, then choose a light wooden shade for the kitchen space and mix it with nature inspired elements like a chic rattan lamp. Also, make this space super artsy with abstract art hanged on the walls.

5. Bright and dreamy

A white kitchen is still a timeless option. It will always look relaxing and clutter free. Make it super dreamy with green plants, chic vases and a cool chalkboard.

6. Vintage details

This season choose a vintage inspired kitchen and add a retro, tropical or romantic wallpaper in this dreamy room. Don’t forget your favorite spring flowers and a lot of green plants.

7. Cool space

Make your kitchen super modern and cool. This idea is just perfect for a loft or studio. Start with cool hanging lamps that will steal the show of this room and then blend kitchen elements with artsy items, framed pictures and green plants.

8. Modern approach

Also, trending this season is the super cool and mysterious black kitchen. Make it look super fresh with light wooden details and a lot of greenery.

9. Get creative!

A super cool idea for your kitchen is having a chalkboard wall. You just need a special paint for it and then just get creative with drawings and recipes. Mix it with white for a classy and timeless approach.

10. Cottage feeling

Last but not least, choose a dreamy cottage inspired kitchen for the warm season. It will give a vacation feel to your home. Mix and match farmhouse elements around your kitchen and choose tiny lemon or orange trees for this space.

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