9 Dreamy small grey living rooms that will inspire you

This year we’re still loving the grey interiors, especially the grey living rooms. Today, we think about the interiors that don’t have much space, but still look dreamy, so check out nine small grey living room that will inspire you:

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1. Retro vibes

Pair you small grey living space with a grey ottoman and give it a retro touch using deco elements with seventies colors. This timeless mix will look super dreamy so finish up the space with a gorgeous gallery wall with abstract art.

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2. Luxurious look

For a luxurious vibe in a small living room choose a tiny grey velvet sofa and pair it with grey elements and green plants. Choose black and white art for your walls and emphasize on the luxurious vibe with a lot of velvet pillows added on the sofa.

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3. Glam day

Make a super glam living room with a small grey velvet sofa, a dreamy art deco chandelier and a marble coffee table. You will love this dreamy result so make this space even more glam with gorgeous flowers, neutral art, a retro inspired round mirror and white candles.

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4. Scandi dream

Create a modern Scandinavian grey living room with a dreamy mid century inspired grey sofa and a set of black round coffee tables. Add neutral art around the space and glam up this chic interior with golden deco elements.

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5. Stylish look

New year, new modern space so make your small grey living room as cool as you possibly can. Pair a stylish velvet sofa in a light grey shade with a round industrial inspired coffee table and decorate the space with cool framed pictures and creative deco items that give personality to this calm space.

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6. Grey meets brown

Give a retro twist to a small grey living room with some classy brown accents. Pair a grey small sofa with a brown vintage inspired cart some retro art with brown frames or a brown rug with a cool texture. You will love the elegant look this room will have in the end.

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7. Ethno vibes

Transform a grey living room into a dreamy ethno inspired room by pairing a neutral cover and some neutral pillows cushions in earthy shades with a grey sofa. Also, decorate this space with wooden frames and a stylish wooden coffee table and focus on a neutral and relaxing color scheme.

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8. Hygge spirit

Let’s embrace the hyggee spirit because we are still celebrating the winter season. So, decorate your small grey living room with neutral rugs, textures pillows, a dreamy cover with frills and a gorgeous ottoman in a neutral fabric. Add ethno elements around the space like tiny green plants and different deco elements with creative ethno prints.

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9. Moroccan influences

Get inspired by the dreamy Moroccan style and decorate your small grey living room with round plates, woven deco elements and furniture and also covers and pillows cushion with gorgeous Moroccan prints. Also, choose round lamps and green plants for this chic space.

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