7 Cool things to hang on your walls in 2020

We know that when it comes to art or framing pictures deciding on what to choose is very hard and a long process full of ideas and indecisions. So, to help you out finding the best artwork and framework for your dreamy home, here are seven cool things to hang on your wall in 2020:


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1. Paint marks

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2. Line art

If you don’t have at least one line art framed photo, get one! I think right know this is the most versatile thing you can hang on your wall. It’s very artistic, subtle and full of life so you won’t get tired of if easily and it will also make your home look modern and dreamy.

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3. Sketches and abstract art

Because we are big fans of a minimal and a relaxed style, sketches are still a big hit when it comes to a home. Mix them with abstract art for a modern, chic and cool vibe and make your home a small atelier that needs a lot of guest to come and check it out.

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4. Geometric shapes

The geometric motifs are getting more and more popular. Inspired from the seventies style and a colorful way to express abstract art, the geometrical shapes are pretty versatile and give shape and structure to any kind of room, especially a Scandinavian, retro or minimal one. Think of the nostalgic seventies color palette when choosing them and pick them for a brown or terracotta color scheme or a neutral home.


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5. Creative words

From ”Hygge” to ”Fika’, we love to think of new ways to express feelings, joy, friendship or a relaxing day. New creative words and their short explanations are getting more and more popular to frame in a home home, especially on top or your bed sofa or the dining area. Besides looking cool they are positive, suggestive and optimistic and also they are a constant reminder of things you cherish in life.

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6. Escapism

We believe in escaping with our mind wherever we want. And when we are at home we want to escape even more. So, landscapes painted in the sunset inspired seventies colors or the earthy shades of those dreamy years are super popular in 2o2o. Mix them with abstract art and paint marks and and stick to the same color palette.

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7.  Nudes

Similar to line art, but now focusing on a certain theme, nudes are artsy and very chic right now. Mix them with line art and cool abstract framed pictures and make any room artistic and free spirited.

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