10 Things to avoid decorating your home with because it can look cheap

There is a thin limit between a cheap and rich looking home and sometimes too many deco elements or the wrong pieces or proportions can really ruin the look of a home, making it look tacky or cheap. So check out 10 things to avoid decorating your home with because it can look cheap:

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1. Matching furniture

Mismatching chairs or different pieces of furniture shows you creative sense, making a home full of personality. That’s way, usually, a matching home, especially when talking about furniture can look too simple or not well thought out.

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2. Curtains that are too short

Curtains should go as low as the floor, reaching it’s level perfectly, they shouldn’t be too short (they will look super cheap) or too long, collecting dust and looking simply ridiculous.

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3. A rug that’s too tiny

A rug should divide perfectly one area of your home – the dining space, the bed space or the living room area, otherwise, being too short it will look like you didn’t have enough money to buy a bigger one and also it will not divide an area in the right way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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4. Basic lights

You know how much a chandelier or a cool lamp can change the look of a home, so take the lighting issue pretty serious. Forget the basic or classic lamps and choose retro or industrial inspired ones, golden lamp or even some woven ones.

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5. All faux plants

Ok, I know that some faux plants look amazing, I also have a couple of them, but make sure you choose the ones that really look as natural as possible and add the in places where you can’t see their fake mud. Also, make sure you also add natural ones in your home, they really make a home looking dreamy and they are also pretty healthy.

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6. Art without personality

If you buy a frame don’t leave the picture inside unless it’s a quote you go by or an artsy one that’s especially meant for hanging. Otherwise, choose images that really stick in your mind and that match your home and personality. Check out some ideas here.

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7. A ”too minimal” style

We love a good minimal home decor, but there are minimal homes and there are homes that are too simple. A good minimal home has a few statement, cool or trending deco elements or furniture. While, a basic home with just a few classic furniture and a couple of deco elements without personality it’s just simple, boring and cheap.

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8. Lack of layers and volume

Layering and adding volume to a home really shapes the room, making it also pretty cozy and perfect for the cold season. So, with the help of rugs, curtains, covers, pillows and blankets add texture and volume in your dreamy home, giving it tons of personality.

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9. Useless items that are not stylish or trending

So you love decor elements, but too many of them just makes a room crowded and cheap, especially if they are not stylish or trending. So, choose wisely the decor elements for your home and go with fewer that make a statement and are stylish right now than too many outdated ones.

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10. Scattered deco elements without any organizational tricks or boxes

Organizing and styling deco elements it’s the key to a stylish home, especially when we are talking cabinets, trays, boxes, coffee or side tables and anything that comes to your mind. So, pair dreamy items in a pretty way using organizational tricks and boxes.

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