8 Cozy and rustic living room ideas for spring

This season go rustic and redecorate your living room by getting inspired by the country side and the Wild Wild West. To help you out in making your home dreamier and more rustic we gathered eight inspiring ideas:

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1. Rustic and exotic

Make a rustic space more exotic and spring ready with tropical plants, brown details and ethno inspire rugs. Also, choose tropical prints for your covers or pillow cushions. You will love this exotic and rustic interior that’s perfect for a home party.

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2. Dark moments

Rustic goes dark this season so pair a dark wall with Country inspired framed pictures and deco elements. Also, decorate your sofa with ethno printed covers and set the mood in this space using a dim light through long elegant candles.

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3. Elegant days

Mix velvet elements with rustic details and make the perfect space for a fancy and cool gathering at your home. Frame motivational quotes and choose a statement ethno rug for this lovely space and also, make the space cozier by mixing pillows in different prints and textures.

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4. Ethno elements

Ethno elements go great in a rustic interior, giving personality to this space. So mix rustic inspired elements like wooden furniture or rattan baskets with a statement ethno rug and framed pictures that make you think of different beautiful cultures or your favorite trips around the world.

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5. Moroccan inspiration

Get inspired by the beautiful Moroccan culture and mix these magic elements with rustic details. These styles will match perfectly and you will have a dreamy interior that ready for spring. Think about magic lamps, candles, rattan deco elements, wooden furniture, ethno inspired carpets and a themed gallery wall.

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6. Traditional motifs

Make a traditional space rustic and chic by choosing an ethno rug and ethno inspired pillow cushions, but also a wooden coffee table in a cool shape, a statement mirror. Pair everything with the perfect neutral sofa that looks super welcoming.

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7. Minimal vibes

If you want a minimal a relaxing space for this season with a special touch and a spring vibe mix minimal furniture with rustic elements like covers or vintage inspired dishes or deco elements. Also, surround this calm space with oversized green plants.

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8. Calm days

Neutral furniture and light brown rustic elements make a calm and relaxing living space. So surround a neutral grey sofa with light brown baskets and boxes, add tree branches all over the space and pick oversized plants that will emphasize on the calm vibe of this space.

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