Examining 4 Popular Bathtub Choices: Which is the Best Fit for Your Bathroom and Needs?

Whether doing a basic bathroom remodel to update worn-out fixtures and surfaces or doing an elaborate spa bathroom renovation, the bathtub choice is important. The wrong bathtub choice will hamper everyone’s enjoyment of the new bathroom for years to come. The bathtub choice will be affected by the family habits and the budget. It will also be affected by the size of the bathroom and the space available for the tub. The last factor will be the size of the family members using the tub. Will the tub be combined with a shower or will the shower be a separate entity?

How Extensive Will the Renovation Be?

Before any decisions on bathtubs are made the family must make a few decisions about the bathroom renovation. The first step in any renovation project should be setting a budget. The next step is hiring Bathroom Contractors. The right bathroom contractor can help the homeowner plan a bathroom renovation that meets the family’s needs within the available budget.

A contractor can help with basic updating of aging bathrooms with new bathtub, toilet, and vanity or a more elaborate renovation that makes an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like space. The bathroom renovation can involve many bath features including:

  1. New flooring
  2. New custom or stock bathroom cabinets and sinks
  3. New marble or other stone countertops
  4. The perfect bathtub, shower, and toilet
  5. New improved light fixtures
  6. Even Aging-in-place or handicap upgrades.
  7. Ceramic tile for the walls
  8. Improved heating and ventilation

Four types of Bathtubs to consider

Every bath renovation should include a newly updated bathtub. The type bathtub could be a drop-in tub, a freestanding tub such as a claw foot tub or soaking tub, an alcove tub, or a corner tub. Each type of tub comes in different styles, shapes, and sizes. The choice of bathtub type and size will be governed by the homeowner’s preferences, the budget, and the space available in the bathroom. It will also depend on whether the shower will be combined with the tub or in a separate space. Some additional types of bathtubs include Whirlpool tubs and walk-in tubs.

A good bathroom renovation contractor can guide the homeowner in the choice of a bathtub. Once the type of bathtub is decided on, there are material choices to consider. Basic bathtubs are often made of fiberglass with an acrylic finish. This is an affordable choice, but not the only one. Other more heavy-duty or attractive bathtub materials include cast iron, steel, marble, copper, and cast polymer.

When choosing materials for the new bathtub consider the weight and the maintenance requirements. A heavier tub might require the floor to be reinforced, adding cost to the renovation. There is nothing wrong with choosing a basic bathtub that gets the job done at a reasonable cost as long as it meets family needs. But a great bathtub can add a touch of style and luxury and set the tone for a luxurious bathroom.

The bathroom contractor can present the homeowner with different options within their budget to choose from. Remember the bath renovation will include new flooring, vanity and sink, toilet, lighting, and other features that will take part of the budget. The goal is to end up with the most functional, attractive bathroom possible for the available budget.

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