7 geometrical decor ideas that we love in 2020

Everything in design comes down to simple geometrical shapes, so, in 2020, since we’re aiming for simplicity, using geometric designs is still one of the most important trends. Although it may look simple, in reality it takes a lot of work to create something meaningful and when it comes to interior design, there are a lot of other elements to be taken into consideration when integrating geometric shapes.

So, here are 7 ideas that will help you integrate the geometrical trend into your home in 2020:


1.70s inspired furniture

The 70s were all about the geometric patterns and mixing colors. A perfect example we find here in the frills’ mix of colors and shapes and also in the unusual shape of the table.


2. Cubism inspo

When we think about cubism, Picasso is the first thing that comes to mind, so what better choice than a center piece of art inspired by it. Other geometrical details can be found on the rug and on the curtains and the colors create a strong statement.


3. Wonder Galaxy

This colorful kitchen inspired by the 60s and 70s aesthetics takes us on a futuristic childhood revival journey. The mix of mint, pink and teal in geometrical shapes on the furniture is a real masterpiece.


4. 3D art

If you’re a fan of 3D design, you’ll love this. The different shades of green and red create this amazing optical illusion.


5. Memphis style

Memphis style was inspired by Art Deco, Pop Art and kitsch where you can find geometry in all its patterns and colors. Below, you have the perfect creative combo of this style.


6. Mondrian inspiration

Mondrian’s unique style is loved by people worldwide. Color coordinate the pieces of furniture with the shelving display for a full Mondrian effect!


7. Paint the walls

If you’re a fan of DIY, grab some paint, tape and have fun transforming a dull wall into this amazing geometrical happy place!


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