5 Dreamy things for a glam office space

New year new office, but this time make it as glam as possible. Since, the velvet trend is so huge and the dreamy golden elements are everywhere, we thought that you will love a glam work space for this year. So, check out five dreamy things for a glam office space:

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1. Focus on retro elements

When it comes to a home office space you have to go as retro as you can! We are talking about picking a fabulous retro office and velvet furniture. To get even more glam and fabulous add golden details around the room and focus or round shapes to give it a chic and trendy art deco vibe.

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2. Focus on art and a creative touch

Art and creativity are very important for a home and also your office and work space. They reflect the best of your creativity, they can inspire you and they always challenge your imagination. So, frame art around your desk and office space and also choose a piece of furniture or a few deco items that are truly creative, original and make this space stand out.

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3. A chic waiting room

If you have a big office space or an one room office make a waiting room or a waiting space in a corner of the room. This will make everything seem more professional and your office will look even dreamier. Choose a small sofa in a neutral shade or one made of velvet and add a gorgeous gallery wall next to it. It can be with neutral abstract art, suggestive words or things that are related to your work. Add also green oversized plants and a golden coffee table to make everything look fresh, modern and pretty glam.

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4. Flowers and retro mirrors

With a modern look, a glam vibe and a fresh note, flowers or a dreamy flower arrangement are a must-have for a glam office. If you don’t have time to purchase often flowers or you want to save money, try a gorgeous faux floral arrangement that look pretty natural and add it in a fabulous vase. Also, emphasize on the glam vibe with a round retro inspired mirror with a golden frame.

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5. A retro bar cart

Maybe a bar cart isn’t the first thing you think of when decorating an office space, but it’s sure pretty retro and fabulous. Think about the vintage offices from ”Mad Men” ar a modern home and integrate these things in your fancy office space. You can serve your guests with fine and fun drinks, you can relax after a hard day at work and celebrate a good idea or you can have a small office party. Match a retro and golden bar cart with green plants and velvet furniture and enjoy your fabulous office space.

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