6 breathtaking mirrors to dream about in 2020

Mirrors are objects that reflect light, usually defined by a flat surface. Obsidian, a type of volcanic glass, was one of the first stones used to manufacture mirrors around 6000 BC. The process of making mirrors out of plate-glass was invented in the 13th century by Venetian glass makers in Murano, having an almost perfect, undistorted reflection. For a century after its invention, the Murano mirrors became more and more popular among palaces thorough Europe. Nowadays, mirrors are coated with silver or aluminium, but nonetheless very spectacular.

So, here are 6 breathtaking mirrors to dream about in 2020:


1.The devil is in the details

This big mirror is suitable for large living rooms and it brings sophistication to the decor with the details at the top. The placement is also a key element, reflecting the dinning table. 


2. Gold everywhere

The gold mirror is a pretty pivotal piece of deco in any living room, but when combined with other golden elements like the coffee table or the decorative lighting it just screams opulence and we absolutely love it


3. The more, the merrier

We adore a good vintage mirror, but how about two. The combo not only brings a touch of extravaganza to the place, but also amplifies the room, creating the sensation of a larger place.


4. Near the window

We love the vintage gold mirror per se, but more importantly, we love the spacious effect it creates when placed near the window.


5. Eclectic mix

This ensemble of 3 golden mirrors combined brings such a luxurious vibe to this eclectic mix – the baby blue sofa, the vintage rug, the chairs. Unusual, but lovely!Photocredit

6. Mosaic mirror

If you love unique pieces, this handcrafted mirror with mirror frame pieces enhanced by silver and gold beaded edges is the perfect option. Additionally, it can be hung vertically or horizontally. 


Photocredit cover photo

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