5 creative bunk bed ideas for kids

Bunk beds are usually very common when having two kids and especially when the space is limited. There are so many creative and cool ideas that you can apply, even in limited spaces and play around with different themes – from nature, tree house to ocean inspired design. This way you create the perfect opportunity for them to develop their

6 stunning glass floor ideas for your home

Glass floors are a wonderful idea to diffuse light in your home, but also to offer a unique accent to wood, tile, stone and concrete. Either we’re talking about a corner or an entire floor, the glass floors are worth taking into consideration when building your house, making it more appealing and inspiring. Toughened glass is usually chosen for its

5 ways to decorate with a brown sofa

Brown sofas are usually chosen because of their practicality, because they don’t get dirty easily, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be boring or basic. There are many creative and exquisite ways in which you can combine a brown sofa, by putting it in a mid-century scenery or with darker walls and plants, just allow your imagination to