Taking Care of Your Internal Doors

Your doors get a tougher time than you might imagine through the rigours of day to day life. And while checking, repainting and varnishing your external doors is a common part of household maintenance, the internal ones often get forgotten. However, just because they are not exposed to the weather, they still have to put up with everyday knocks, scrapes

Effects of Architecture Design on Corporate Culture

Corporate culture refers to the intangible things that establish a company’s personality, becoming an unwritten extension of the corporate values. Today, more and more companies are proactively looking into and monitoring the message their corporate culture is communicating, and improving it to attract and retain high-caliber employees. To do this companies are going the extra mile to promote an attractive

What to do when moving house

If you’ve just bought a new home, or you’re changing rentals, congratulations! A new house is a wonderful opportunity to change up your decor, and swap out old, tired furniture for exciting new pieces. Before you jump into your redesign, however, there’s a few housekeeping must-dos. Hold on to that list of new paints, wallpapers and kitchen fittings and make