6 cool cat beds that double as home decor

Cat owners know that their pets would rather choose a box to sit in over any fancy bed. Since it’s not always easy to integrate a cat bed into your decor, we thought about some options that would fit any space and would also be budget friendly.

So, here are 6 cool cat beds that double as home decor:


1.Multifunctional coffee table

You can complete your industrial living room with this coffee table which has also a storage space. The hole on one side is what makes the table so practical and this way it can be used as a bed for your cat. 


2. Cat hammock

A fun and easy DIY project is turning your side table into a napping spot for your cat. You’ll only need a few pieces of fabric and some ribbon to create the perfect solution for using existing space for your cat to relax.


3.Mid-century cat bed

If you have a vintage TV and don’t know what to do with it, you can repurpose it as a cat chillatorium. Besides creating this cool decoration, your cat will no longer feel the need to block your view when watching TV.


4.Storage box

There’s nothing better for a cat than a box, as the already popular quote says “If I fits I sits”. Another fun DIY project is repurposing a storage box into a cat home. You can paint the box, fix it in the wall, add a comfy blanket and there you have it – the perfect little shelter.


5. Adventure tent

Cats love having something above their head, because this way they feel protected, so they’ll love this tent. The cool thing about it is that it is lifted of the floor and it has a build-in hammock, so it’s gonna be the perfect hiding spot for your cat.


6.Basket on the wall

If you have an old basket that you don’t use any longer, you can screw it in the wall, add a blanket and you have transformed it into this cool cat bag. The aerial perch also encourages her to leap and survey the entire room.


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