6 stunning glass floor ideas for your home

Glass floors are a wonderful idea to diffuse light in your home, but also to offer a unique accent to wood, tile, stone and concrete. Either we’re talking about a corner or an entire floor, the glass floors are worth taking into consideration when building your house, making it more appealing and inspiring. Toughened glass is usually chosen for its durability and resistance to breakage.

So, here are 6 stunning glass floor ideas for your home:


1. Hallway

The hallway from the first floor and a part of the ceiling is, in this case, translucent. The flooring material used is usually special hollow glass blocks used in combination with a metal frame.


2. Wood and glass

An elegant and visually impressive combination is that of wood and floor glass, because it creates an unusual contrast. The top floor offers an overview of the mezzanine and it is absolutely stunning!


3.Kitchen floor

The Greek inspiration for this kitchen is found in the Mediterranean elements – wooden ceiling, all white furniture, natural stone walls, but the most impressive one is the partially transparent floor, which brings the sea vibe inside.


4. Cool loft

The glass floor will completely transform the atmosphere of any space and give it a luxurious vibe and they’re resistant to impacts, so you won’t have to worry if you have kids. 


5. Dreamy terrace

If you want your house to be luminous, besides having large windows, placing glass floor on the terrace will increase the amount of natural lighting in your home. It will also add an extravagant glow to it!


6. Transparent mezzanine

The living room is split, so a new room is created with the help of glass floor. The glass stairs lead to a transparent mezzanine who has become a beautiful dining room.


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