Home Improvements That Will Make Your Home Appear More Elegant

When we go through the pages of magazines for home decor, we have to be honest and admit that every part of us wants to own that elegant style from the cover of the magazine. There are times when we move everything in the house just to desperately change something and there are times when in just one click on the keyboard we are ordering every piece of furniture that our eye finds attractive. Without a doubt, we all have been in this or a similar situation at least once in our lifetime, driven by the desire for a perfectly elegant, classy, and stylish home.

At its core, elegance is a synonym for grace and style in appearance. Elegance is sophisticated, attractive, and mature and when it comes to it, particularly in home design or personal style, it is the first quality that is noticeable from the outside which casts a long-lasting first impression, as delicate as the first impression in the process of creating or improving an elegant home can be. Sometimes just a single misplaced piece of chair or a different pattern pillow can cast a shadow on the look you are trying to achieve.

Details that matter in home improvements

If creating an elegant home is your ultimate goal, it is definitely achievable, even if you have to make it on a budget and still want it to look luxurious. No worries, there are plenty of ways to get your ideal dream home come true without draining your pockets. You can decide to make home improvement DIYs. Some top interior designers are advising that in the process of creating and improving your living space, the devil is in the details, regardless of you making just some minor changes or delivering major projects. You will save lots of money if you go the DIY way and if you put little stylish details on pieces of furniture, that can easily make your home look more elegant.

There are some really simple tricks and solutions for you to create your dream home while going DIY, starting from adding a fresh coat of paint, making a stylish decoration of wall mirrors, or accessorizing windows treatments to learning install laminate flooring.

Symmetry in Elegant Home Design

One of the most recognizable features of elegant and formal styles for interior spaces and homes is the symmetry of windows, furniture, artwork, and flooring. Arranging these elements in exact pairs on a straight axis around the room is often common for this style. Although today’s modern homes are not constructed with 18’’ deep baseboard moldings, hand-laid patterned floors, or carved plaster ceiling and wall decorations, there are still elements of the elegant and formal style that can be added in them. 

Let’s not forget that the focal point is the show-stopper and is meant to draw the eye. It might be an exquisite piece of furniture, a fireplace in the center of the hall, a decorative glass vase, or just a beautiful chandelier or oversized floor lamp.

Secrets in bringing the elegance

Although the specific trends that are seen as elegant may vary from era to era, elegance itself is timeless. This year trends have some specific elegant style interiors, with a baseline of sleek design and monochromatic furniture. The decorations still attract attention, there are unique pieces of furniture in these interiors, and the accessories are often antique or fine reproductions. The types of wood used are generally dark and rich-looking, but you can find that lighter wood is often used for decoration. Also, an important touch is wood hardware and highly polished brassed windows and of course, windows treatments are a must.

So you can check in the paragraphs below some secrets on how you can make your space more elegant by incorporating classic elements.

Create a Lighting Concept

Lighting is definitely one of the most important concepts in space but sadly often missed. A decorative chandelier or pendant light is a game-changer. Find some unusual lights with beautiful designs and have a variety of light sources to add depth to the rooms. You can always check the flea market or thrift shops. There are a lot of items which you can use for decorating. Just use your imagination. 

Achieve a dramatic feel by using recessed lighting in your rooms. Add both floor lamps and table lamps. Mix different types of lighting in your interior, try adding dimmer switches for a more expensive feel and the end result would look fabulous!

A Must-Have Accessory – Window Treatments

It’s really simple—a home with window treatments will make the home look more extravagant, and they are one of the most budget-friendly ways to add some elegance to your home, as well as much-needed privacy.

A  good window treatment can add an instant luxurious moment to the room. But you should always follow one cardinal rule – never buy drapes that are too short, and always measure before you hit the store. Since you are aiming for elegance, get ones that are made from natural silk, linen, and cotton. Avoid buying cheap-looking materials. Sometimes shades can be a smart choice too, a wooden shade or blinds would fit amazing.

Hardwood over carpet 

Nothing can beat that warm and soft feeling in a home than wall-to-wall carpeting, but it does not equal the same elegance factor as solid, gleaming hardwood floors. Hardwood has a classic, and elegant appearance and can be found at a really affordable price.

Buying hardwood for your home will definitely be an investment, but it would be a wise one. Hardwood lasts a long time, but if you are on a budget you can easily go for laminate. Learning how to fit laminate flooring will help you recreate that wooden-looking flooring that you like so much. But before you decide to do it yourself, look up the price it would take for a professional to do it for you, because it might just turn out to be affordable and eventually last you longer.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Many elegant interiors have carved mirrors hanging in matching pairs. They have the role to define a room and enlarge the visual feeling of the home. You can even make the bathroom more glamorous if you choose a neutral palette and decorative elements that attract the eye.

Decorative accessories are used to add to this look too. Shiny metals, vases of china or porcelain, or leather-bound books are a good option. Pairs of accessories may carry through the symmetry of the decor. Real or artificial plants and flowers, placed in interesting and elegant containers, add texture and color to the interior.

Choosing from a wide range of elegant and beautiful china, crystal, and silver, you can also make the dining room a perfect place to introduce a more elegant and sophisticated look. 

Ultimately, if you incorporate these elements of elegance into your design, your home space will appear more noticeable by an underlying sense of luxury and good taste that you, your family, and your friends would definitely enjoy.

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