5 creative bunk bed ideas for kids

Bunk beds are usually very common when having two kids and especially when the space is limited. There are so many creative and cool ideas that you can apply, even in limited spaces and play around with different themes – from nature, tree house to ocean inspired design. This way you create the perfect opportunity for them to develop their imagination and their desire to explore will increase.

So, here are 5 creative bunk bed ideas for kids:


1. Natural wood and green

Design, but also practicality. When it comes to choosing stylish colors, you can’t go wrong with natural wood elements mixed with jungle green hues. The climbing ropes complete the scenery and your kids will love playing with them.


2. Cabin house

Vertical designs can always solve the space problem, but in this case creativity is also a bonus point. This cabin inspired bed with a slide will combine your kids’ appetite for adventure with a sense of coziness.


3. Nautical inspiration

The love for ocean can be a great source of inspiration for your children’s room. The blue and white elements – the wall, the carpet and the bedding provide a good background, while the boat and the orange lifebuoy bring authenticity to this nautical room.


4. In the jungle

In this case, because of the limited space, the bed upstairs can help increase the storage space or even create space for study or play. The safety net is for protecting your child while sleeping, but it also looks stylish, being a great match with the climbing ropes and the wooden stairs.


5. Tree design

The upper bed design is innovative and unique, because through colors and textures is recreating the idea of a tree. The tree trunk is in this case a closet, while the tree top is market by a painting on the wall and green textiles on the edge of the bed.


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