5 cute kids garden party ideas for outdoor fun

Kids birthday parties are always a great way to get creative and get your children involved in doing something fun. During the hot season, garden parties are the way to go because kids can run freely, explore nature and play in the Sun. Depending on the kids’ hobbies, the party themes can vary from magical fairy to camping or rainbow alpaca.

So, here are 5 cute kids garden party ideas for outdoor fun:  


  1. Magical Fairy Garden party

Start with a low table and then choose a deep palette of colors for the decor, like deep pink, and coordinate the accessories to match – pillows and cups. If you want the kids to feel like they’re swept away into an enchanted garden, build a tunnel over the table with leaves and flowers. Childhood dream come true! Check out a couple of socially distant party ideas.


2. Camping theme

If your child loves spending time in nature and is the adventurous type, the camping theme is the right choice. You can never go wrong with a teepee and to recreate the camping atmosphere, add a DIY fake campfire and some stars and the moon decorations.


3. Festival Inspired party

Festivals are among the most anticipated events of the year because of the music, culture and endless activities. Even if this year many festivals were cancelled, you can bring the boho vibe in your own backyard with a themed party for kids. Colorful decor such as flowers, chairs, table cloths and streamers created a vibrant atmosphere!


4. Boho chic

This boho chic kids backyard party is not only adorable, but also easy to do. All you’ll need is some boho rugs and pillows, some chairs,a table and some matching baloons.


5. Secret garden tea-party

This tea party is featuring a table and some chairs, pink table cloth and matching cloth bunting, colorful honeycomb balls and some adorable floral arrangements. Kids are gonna love it!


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