5 dreamy hanging chairs for every room

As we get to spend so much time at home, we constantly want to improve the space and make it feel comfy and cozy. Hanging chairs are an excellent addition that everyone will love, because they bring a relaxed vibe to a space and a lot of personality. Depending on your layout, you can choose to hang the swing in any room.

So, here are 5 dreamy swings & hanging chairs for every room:

1.Living room

A bohemian living room wouldn’t be complete without a swing or more. The pieces’ traditional craftmanship bring value by the usage of wood and natural vegetable-tanned leather that perfectly match the rugs and the other earthy elements.

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2.Kitchen island

If you can’t go on a holiday, you can create your own vacation at home. Bring the beach bar vibes into your kitchen by handing these cool swings by the kitchen island, close your eyes and hear the sound of the waves.

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3. Bedroom

In this boho bedroom, la piece de resistance is definitely this dreamy swing. To make it even cozier, add fluffy pillows and blankets to both the bed and on the hanging chair, overlap different illustrations and add light garlands for a magical touch.

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We’ve already talked about how big archways are this year and how much of a lift offers to any space, bringing a more feminine vibe. To make it even more appealing, hang a swinging chair in the middle of the archway and allow the child within to have fun with it!

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5.The attic

The attic is quite often overlooked, many times only being used for storing different things. In reality it’s an amazing space we should take advantage of because you can create a separate room where you can retreat quietly and relax. A nice sofa and a cozy swing can go a long way!

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