10 ways to incorporate Prada Marfa in your home

Since I first saw ,,Gossip girl’’ I’ve been obsessing over the  ,,Prada Marfa’’ image for my dream apartment. Now, I think this is still the first picture I want to hang in my perfect room, and make it the key element of a fashionable and classy apartment.

So, here are my favorite 10 ideas on how to decorate you room using this iconic text.

1.Bricks and wood

The brick wall gives a cool unfinished look to the apartment, while the ,,Prada Marfa” print makes the entire room look fancier. Also the black & white elements and the industrial items such as this wooden table go very well with this setting I really like.

prada-marfa-how to

2. Art deco vibe

This whole room gives you a great pop art vibe. It takes me back to Andy Warhol and Studio 54 and also makes me dream of celebrities. But also, as you can see, from all the images ,,Prada Marfa’’ captures first your attention because it’s the only black and white element from the ensemble.

ways to incorporate prada marfa in your home

3. Mix it!

Look how well the preppy deco goes with the leopard print. Also, the iconic ,,Prada Marfa’’ painting gets a new look in a shabby way that perfectly matches the entire room.

how to incorporate Prada Marfa in your home

4. Thinking of Paris

If you are a big fan of the black and white combo, this is a great way to decorate your room. Choose pillows with different prints and also pick paintings in this classy duo to decorate your beautiful room. If you pair the dreamy Tour Eiffel with ,,Prada Marfa’’ you think abount the Paris episodes of Gossip Girl.


5. Pink desire

If you choose pink as the main color focus of your room, the ,,Prada Marfa’’ text will go perfectly with it. Add fancy elements such as a metallic table and a lot of girly items that will make your room event dreamier.


6. Go for neutrals!

This is another great example on how ,,Prada Marfa’’ can make a simple room really get noticed. Pick elegant furniture in neutral colors and after that choose this big iconic image to be the center of your living room.


7. Seventies revival

The retro seventies elements can match really well this images. I felt in love with round pillow and with the Earth color tons of the room that gives you that ,,groovy’’ vibe.


8. Fashion is a must!

Because I’m a big fashion fan, this deco idea is on top of my fav list. Even if we are talking about Prada, it gives me a big Chanel feeling and it’s filled with elegant elements that reflect great taste.


9. Fancy room

So simple, and yet so dreamy! This is what I think when I look at this room, it has only the right element that give an effortless look to a small living space.

10 ways to incorporate Prada Marfa in your home

10. The white effect

For you ,,all white’’ deco fans, this is the ideal space. Is so spacious, simple and elegant that gives you a serenity vibe and so it’s the ideal setting for your bedroom.


Find your perfect Prada Marfa print here.

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