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How come, Denisa? How come! I’ll tell you how come immediately.

If you are like me and spend a lot of time on instagram, tumblr and pinterest. Yeah, that’s quite a lot, I see this now. Anyways, I’m  pretty sure you come across dreamy bedrooms all the time and big part of the dreamy factor comes from the sheets. You know, those instagram bedroom shots, with a tea, a book and gorgeous sheets? Well, now you see where I’m going.   Besides that, a good night sleep lays in a good mattress and a cozy pair of linens too.  If you agree, Brooklinen sheets are for you!


My new Brooklinen sheets were waiting for me when I got back from Brussels. I went for the dreamy Navy Stripe Ones. Mainly because I don’t have any navy sheets and love everything stripped. They are awesomeeee, I’ll put a couple of photos on instagram with my bed next week. Yes, yes, I’m very excited.

But let me tell more about Brooklinen and their amazing sheets… awww, and they recently launched a candle line too.

The brand was born from Rich & Vicki’s dream, a dream consisting of a place to buy beautiful and ridiculously comfortable sheets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Pretty cool, no? And very motivational too.

The brand has to types of sheets, classic & luxe, but both have high quality in common.

The original classic line and instant dreamer-favorite is woven in a perfect cotton percale, which means it’s cool, crisp, and ultra-breathable. Its single ply, single pick construction with 60-count yarns make it exceptionally soft and strong, so your sheets feel like a cloud and get better with every wash, sans pilling.

Sumptuous and soft, the luxe bedding line will make you excited about bed-time all day. With a rich 480tc sateen weave from single-ply, long-staple Egyptian cotton, the collection is silky and smooth to the touch for a truly luxurious experience.

Go check them out asap because they are truly dreamy!

brooklinen brooklinen-sheets-2

brooklinen-core-sheets brooklinen-sheets-stacked

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