Urban Aesthetic 101: Your Basic Guide to Urban Interior Design

From weathered reclaimed wood to sleek and shimmering metal, there’s no shortage of design elements created to inspire you to define your personal decor style.

If you’re interested in urban interior design, this aesthetic is bold and unapologetic when it comes to showcasing a bit of self-expression.

Read on to discover more about this style, and how you can incorporate it into your home for a dramatic look you’ll love.

Urban Interior Design Defined

Terms like rustic, modern, and mid-century are interior design terms you’re probably familiar with. To create an urban-inspired style, this look blends design elements of old and new together.

Urban house design is also referred to as “industrial,” since it pays homage to the era of the Industrial Revolution. The style blends sleek and contemporary components together with raw, industrial-based motifs. The concept of urban interior design got its roots from city lofts and warehouses, where people would convert these spaces into their homes. Over time, the aesthetic morphed as it started to bring classic elements and modern ones together.

Some examples of architectural features include exposed brick and raw, unfinished wood. Black metal and concrete are often combined to give the home a bold, almost utilitarian vibe.

Urban Decor Ideas

If the urban aesthetic intrigues you, it’s easy to bring this style into your home. Look for bold furnishings like a coffee table attached to rusted wheels featuring a thick, raw wood tabletop.

Sleek lighting with brass accents can be blended with matte black metal to add a rich touch to any space. If you don’t live in a loft, consider adding a faux brick veneer to a wall to recreate this look.

A common theme in urban industrial design is to use neutral colors, then bring in accents for a vibrant pop. Concrete floors and gray walls can be accentuated with a sleek, brass-finished wall mirror.

While wood and metal tend to be some of the most commonly used materials, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Textiles like faux fur throws and jute area rugs can add just the right amount of softness and visual depth to an urban-inspired interior.

Furniture in urban industrial design ranges from soft leather sofas to sturdy bars featuring metal legs and wooden bar tops. A juxtaposition of earthy elements and modern ones are some of the hallmarks of urban interior design.

Warm tones like brown, black, and gray often come to mind when you think about industrial decor. However, you can easily incorporate other shades like a deep navy blue, shimmering brass, or burnished bronze along with earthy shades of green.

Industrial Interior Design Tips

If you’re interested in getting the urban aesthetic in your home, here are a few easy tips to help you get started:

  • Use industrial materials like metal, wood, and concrete for floor coverings and furnishings.
  • Avoid too much “bling” or else the mood may go from industrial and urban to glam.
  • Add texture where needed, like a multicolored floor pouf, a geometric area rug, or some unique throw pillows.
  • Architectural details like black metal stairs, brick walls, and polished concrete countertops are an excellent choice for urban interior design.
  • To add a fresh touch, bring in flowers or greenery and display them in a modern vase made of stone or wood.
  • If you need some help or inspiration, consider a professional like this interior design service to give you fresh ideas.

Bring Your Vision to Life

The concept of urban industrial design is to incorporate contemporary elements with rugged motifs. Your home doesn’t have to be cold or sparse to recreate a chic urban space.

To bring your vision to life, play with different colors and materials until you find the right combination. It may depend on how much light a particular space has or how large it is when it comes to finding a good color palette.

Use lighting to your advantage and make bold chandeliers and pendants the centerpiece of the room. A unique area rug can also be a good starting point, and you can add furniture around it as you go.

Velvet is a popular trend, particularly when it comes to upholstery. You can play up the softness and richness of velvet by choosing furniture with metal legs to balance the plush texture. Vintage artwork is an excellent companion to urban interior design. Scour your local thrift stores to find pieces that hail from eras gone by to add an authentic touch to your space.

Keep accessories like figurines, vases, and knick-knacks to a minimum. Instead, try to focus on the main components of the room like lighting, furnishings, and mirrors. Play with scale and add oversized items to give your home a dramatic touch. What truly sets the urban home design ideal apart from industrial is the addition of softer, more muted elements. Bring bold black metal pieces together with greenery, throw blankets, and rugs to give your home a sense of balance. Also, check out Dissertation Team for help with your dissertation.

Elevate Your Home in Urban Style

With a few simple changes, it’s easy to create a beautiful urban interior design in your home. Remember to mix things up and enjoy a blending of old, vintage-inspired pieces alongside modern new ones for the ultimate space.

Keep elements from the industrial age in mind when you look for items to give your home an authentic urban vibe.