How to create the perfect en suite bathroom

A modern essential or a little bit of indulgence? You can probably have it both ways, to be fair. There’s something about an en suite bathroom that feels so appealing. Perhaps it’s the added convenience of not having to wait in line during the morning shower hour. Or it could be down to the extra value it gives you a home – said to be as much as 5%, according to research.

So, the question you’re now asking yourself is how do you create the ideal en suite bathroom for your home – right? Like any home improvement project, there are several factors that will decide how much time it’ll take and how much money it’ll cost. And that’s only after you work out the all-important matter of whether you have space and how you’ll get it all plumbed up.

Can you get it all plumbed up?

Unsurprisingly, plumbing can be the big deal-breaker in any en suite bathroom project. It will be the biggest reason why your project is stopped dead in its tracks before it even starts. Get the plumbing sorted and the rest starts to fall into place. It’ll show you where you’ll be able to locate the fixtures – even the en suite itself. The more plumbing required, the more it’ll cost.

Once this integral part of the project is sorted, it becomes much easier to know what en suite bathroom fixtures and fittings could go in. Of course, there’s still one big thing to think about before you commit to grandiose showers or an opulent bath. And that, obviously, will be how much space is available. The plumbing makes it possible – but the space is what makes it fit.

Where will you find the space?

The good news is that it’s always possible to find the space, even when it seems unlikely. For homes where a bedroom is blessed with lots of space, you can probably take it as read that a new en suite is possible. If not, you might have to get creative – converting wardrobe spaces or knocking through a wall and taking space from another room, for example.

It’s not as if the perfect en suite bathroom needs to be the biggest room in the house. There are some tips and tricks you can use to maximise that space when complete. You can look at things like flooring to create the illusion of space. Lighting and mirrors can make the smallest en suite space look much bigger than it is too. And don’t forget to get smart with storage.

What else is there to consider?

If you’re inspired to create the perfect en suite bathroom, there are just a couple more things to consider before starting. Building regulations mean it’s likely you need approval to install a new bathroom if you’re creating one where there wasn’t one before. This is to ensure that the plumbing is up to standard, as well as checking that you have proper ventilation and drainage.

Don’t forget that any gas or electrical work must be done by a qualified professional too.

With all that in place and ready to roll, however, so is your en suite bathroom project. It won’t be before too long before it’s all done – making you wonder how you ever survived without it.

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