Tips On How To Design The Perfect Breakfast Room

The construction phase of home additions takes an average of 3.5 months. However, planning, designing, and permitting stages can  double the length of the project, according to HomeAdvisor. Designing a breakfast room or a casual space to dine can make family mealtime even more relaxing. Even the reluctant early risers can enjoy cozy mornings.
So, If you’re looking to transform your space into the perfect breakfast room, there are plenty of  unique dining room designs you can seek inspiration from. After all,  the first step to creating a flawless and comfortable breakfast room starts from inspiration.
Start With Space Planning
Before you start shopping for furniture and other décor elements, plan how you want to layout the space. Start by listing the purpose of the room along with its “must-have” items and features. Then evaluate the size and determine if it will allow enough space to walk around. A functional breakfast room should have minimal obstacles between furniture and passageways.
When  planning your breakfast room layout, maximize the flow of natural light and the type of lighting fixtures you will need. Also, consider adding or replacing windows to let in natural sunlight for the perfect Sunday’s brunch.
Pick the Right Furniture
The décor you choose also plays a vital role in improving comfort and style. Invest in furniture that will  create a welcoming space for guests. Incorporating a circular table in the space is an excellent way to keep people engaged during mealtime.
However, the table should not be high or contain obstructive decoration that may impede on group conversations. Additionally, add a personal touch with family photos, handmade wall art, and DIY décor.
Add An Espresso Machine
Your breakfast room isn’t incomplete without a luxurious coffee machine. If  you and your family enjoy a morning cup of coffee,  purchasing an espresso machine may be worthwhile. With your coffee machine, you can create a high-end home coffee bar. Espresso machines add a sense of luxury, giving guests a wonderful impression of your personality. Not to mention, owning a coffee maker also opens more room for  learning how to brew coffee rather than going for an instant sachet.
Maintain Comfort 
To create the perfect breakfast room, you will need to factor in the costs for decorations, material, function, and the overall design. Besides choosing a low table, aim for sustainable seating made from natural materials. Your furnishing should also have curved and soft edges to create an inviting feel. Just be sure to arrange your furniture in a sleek way to achieve an elegant breakfast room design.
Creating the perfect breakfast room doesn’t have to cost a fortune or spend months in construction. By maximizing the natural light in the space, this can uplift everyone’s moods and create a warm welcome to the space. Consider adding windows and glass to let in the first rays of sunlight. Also, choose natural materials that blend with the outside surroundings. This move will help you design a sanctuary that you can enjoy whether it’s day or night.
Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

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