The Ultimate Guide To Buying Garage Doors

When it comes to your home’s appearance, your garage door surely has a role to play, especially to your curb appeal. That said, if you think that your garage door is falling apart or becomes an eyesore after many years, consider replacing it with a new one. But we all know that choosing a new one is no small task, whether you’re replacing your old garage door or outfitting a new house. It is a task hardly any homeowners have much understanding with.

For a little help, here’s everything you need to know about buying garage doors. Read on to know more!

Garage Door Materials And Styles

There are many different materials available for making a garage door, each of which has pros and cons. One of the most popular materials is steel, for a very good reason. Steel garage doors are available in almost any style you want, low-maintenance, durable, and reasonably priced. What’s more, it’s available in textures that are comparable to wood and can be painted. Another popular material is aluminum, which shares a lot of similarities with steel. However, it is less expensive and lighter compared to steel.

The most affordable material is wood. Wood garage doors are offered in different styles. Another thing, wood is an excellent insulator than steel and is mostly preferred by many homeowners for its affordability and natural look. Also, it’s very easy to customize.

Nowadays, fiberglass is increasingly receiving a market share. This material is known for its resistance to warping and changes in humidity, insects, and moisture. The thick outer surface of fiberglass surrounds a steel framework and an inner foam core that offers stability and strength.

The best thing about this material is that it is excellent in copying the grain patterns and colors of real woods like mahogany, oak, and cherry. If you are looking for a material that features an insulating, strong core of polystyrene, then composite wood is best for you.

This material is made from weatherproof resins and wood fibers. Also, it provides a little green factor. It can be hard to distinguish real wood from composite wood as they are molded with grain patterns. And because of that, composite wood is as expensive as real wood. Just as there are different materials, there are many different garage door styles as well.

The most common is the raised panel, which has become the standard of garage doors. Another door style is traditional. Many manufacturers such as Perth garage doors offer styles that’ll complement any well-recognized architectural style.

For a modern, sleek look, aluminum or steel doors are the best. When it comes to style, you might like carriage-house garage doors if you want a classic look.

Garage Door Cost

You might wonder what determines the cost of your garage door. Well, the answer will depend on a lot of factors. Since garage doors are available in many materials and styles, prices can differ significantly.

For the most part, the prices range from $400 to $9000. According to, for a mid-range 16×7 foot garage door installed, expect to pay around $800 to $1500. High-end doors cost around $2700, on average.

If you are in search of an automatic door opener, you may have to pay an additional $200 to $300 if you want it installed with the door at the same time. So that you can get the right door for your garage that’s within your budget, it is wise to shop and look around and compare the costs of different garage doors.

Parts And Accessories

You will need to make various choices when buying a garage door from a manufacturer. Other than the material, style, size, and insulation, there are many other things to consider. One important part of your garage door system is the springs.

Garage door springs have extension springs on the sides of the doors that recoil and stretch to furnish lifting power. And when it comes to choosing springs, the best option is torsion springs as they support more weight and are more effective at evenly distributing weight.

Moreover, you have to choose a garage door opener, too. Garage door openers have photoelectric safety sensors, durable motors, and are very strong that reverse and stop a garage door if something or someone is in the way.

Other things you need to consider includes:

  • Weather seals
  • Bottom seals
  • Windows
  • Garage door screens
  • Hardware like decorative components, deadbolt locks, and handles

 There are a lot of options you will be seeing when it comes to choosing a garage door. So, it is best to be prepared by scouting and researching styles for your new door. To choose the right one, you need to think about how long the garage door will have to survive and how it should perform.

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

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