8 Contemporary bedrooms that will inspire you this season

”All we have is now” said one famous quote and in that note we want to share with you inspiring contemporary bedrooms that will help you figure out what’s the ideal bedroom for you. So, check out 8 contemporary bedrooms that will inspire you this season and tell us which one is your favorite:

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1. The new and the old

Today most of the popular contemporary bedrooms are a mix between old a new, all in Earth themed and neutral color shades. They mix elegance with nature themed furniture and deco elements, all for a calm room to enjoy!

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2. Neutral vibes

If you love a cozy and glam vibe, match a neutral color scheme with Rust and other cool Earthy colors with golden and copper deco elements. Everything will look amazing, timeless, yet also new and modern.

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3. Personalize me

A simple bedroom can become contemporary and cool with a little help of you favorite deco elements. Framed pictures that show emotions, a cool lamp, a designer piece or a creative lamp make a contemporary bedroom really stand out!

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4. Simple and cool

If you want a minimal contemporary bedroom play a game of structures and heights and match a classic bed with a statement piece like a modern nightstand, a big mirror or a cool lamp. Go for a neutral and calm color scheme and fresh up the space with cool plants or tree branches.

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5. Calm look

A relaxing look is the perfect scheme for a contemporary bedroom. Get inspired by the hotel rooms and think that ”less is more”. Pair a comfortable bed with a relaxing and cool chair, add covers and blankets everywhere and pick a calm color scheme for this dreamy space.

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6. Tiny apartment

If you have a tiny bedroom, pick statement and big decor pieces that will actually make this space look big and impressive. You can add as many elements of art as you wish and if you go with abstract or line art pieces you won’t get tired of them pretty soon.

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7. Cafe latte

Today a very popular color scheme for a contemporary bedroom is the coffee themed one. It looks classy, elegant and relaxing and it’s also pretty timeless and makes you wish to get up faster in the morning and go grab a cup of coffee!

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8. Elegant and serene

A serene look is the one you want for a quiet bedroom where you want to rest. So, pick a calm color scheme, add plants in this gorgeous space and choose nature inspired furniture and decor pieces for this relaxing wannabe interior.

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