5 charming net ideas for a cozy home

With an inspiration from the world of boating, home nets are integrated in home decor more and more often, becoming amazing reading spaces, creating a new room or filling a void space, while allowing the light to shine through. The nets bring a contemporary touch to any spaces and can quickly become the center piece of any room.

So, here are 5 charming loft ideas for cozy homes:


1.Suspended surface

If the house doesn’t have a space destined for the net, you can integrate it in the room separately. The mesh can be attached to a metallic structure and suspended by steel cables and you have this incredible hammock as a result.


2.Japanese inspiration

This Japanese-inspired extension is an amazing example of great architecture, because it’s great to look at and it’s unique. This time the void is in the living area and it’s filled by black netting. It’s the perfect space for kids to read books and disconnect. 


3. Hammock room

A whole hammock room? We absolutely love the idea! The entire space is destined for relaxation- a bookcase with many books to choose from, many pillows and plants. 


4. Industrial space

The space between mezzanine and the first floor is ideal for placing something so unexpected and fun. Th boat style net can become the perfect chilling spot for an afternoon nap or meditation. The plants surrounding the net are a magnificent addition, making you feel like you’re in the middle of a forest, relaxing in a hammock.


5. Above the dining room

Suspended above the dining room, this net has more than one string to its bow. Installed in the extension of the mezzanine, it secures the floor, offers the surface an additional room and preserves the natural lighting coming from upstairs.


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