7 Amazing home benches you will love this season

Make your home retro looking, charming and more glam and relaxing with a home bench. Add it next to your fancy bed, in a corner of your home or use it as a table or coffee table and get creative. Here are seven amazing home benches you will love this season:

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1. A calm dream

Mix art deco inspired decorations like a fabulous round chandelier with a neutral color scheme and nature inspired furniture and deco elements. You will love the calm and balanced vibe your bedroom will have. As for the bed bench, choose one made from nature inspired elements, like wood with a leather or fabric on top for a chic touch.

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2. The Wabi-Sabi look

Get inspired by the dreamy and relaxing Wabi-Sabi style and choose a calm looking woven bench for your living room or bedroom. Match it with green plants, soft touches like pillows, reading materials and neutral deco elements and enjoy a relaxing day at home.

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3. In an elegant and relaxing way

Make everything seem very relaxing in your home with a soft color scheme and nature inspired elements – the coolest ones you can choose right now are tree branches in a minimal vase, a dreamy woven bench, wood deco elements and a lot of green plants. Decorate your bench with stylish trays, green plants and books and take time to relax at home.

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4. The wannabe coffee table bench

Use a lovely wood bench as a coffee table for your living room. Match it with a neutral color scheme and make the room happy and joyful with some pastel color accents. Also, make it more artsy with black and white framed photos and neutral art.

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5. Glam moments

Since velvet is so popular right now make everything in your home glam, retro and art deco looking with with a gorgeous velvet bench with golden details. Match it with a round golden mirror and dreamy plants and flowers in matching pots and vases and enjoy a fancy day at home.

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6. A classy touch

Make a bedroom look really classy and fancy using a lot of velvet furniture and deco elements. So, match a velvet bed frame with a velvet bench or textile and use a soft or pastel color scheme for this dreamy room.

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7. The fabulous hallway

Make your hallway the star of your home and decorate it with a velvet bench in a bold or elegant color. Make your friends feel like royals and match this gorgeous bench with an oversized framed pictures with abstract art.

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