Moroccan meets ethno – The new relaxing trend we want for 2020

In the New Year we are searching more and more for relaxing moments and a peaceful life. That’s why trends that show this vibe are getting more and more popular. When we go back home we want to chill, relax and enjoy a hygge spirit, so we search for a space that screams freedom and the Moroccan trend and the ethno style define best these things.

That’s why for the new season and the New Year you will see a new relaxing trend where the Moroccan style meets the ethno one. Room by room, here are some tips on how to decorate each space focusing on this chic and eye catchy trend:

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1. The living room

Based on a neutral color palette, with tones of relaxing elements and with the perfect layering game, a Moroccan and ethno inspired living room is a dream for your home and will always make you think about a calm vacation.

Things to have: Furniture and deco elements made from nature inspired elements like wood, rattan, raffia or stone. Also, focus on lower furniture, ethno prints and original deco elements made by different local designers. As finishing details, try reed in a neutral vase, rattan baskets filled with comfy blankets, travel inspired deco elements and neutral framed pictures that express feelings.

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2. The bedroom

The most relaxing room of your home is perfect for a Moroccan meets ethno style. If will make you think of a vacation in Marrakech and will give you that good night sleep you need.

Things to have: For your ceiling, pick one or more woven lights and decorate your walls with neutral art. Pick simple and neutral sheets and give personality to the bed with ethno prints for your covers and pillow cushions. Personalize this room with a small wood chair instead of a nightstand, ethno rugs and relaxing chairs with a trendy design.


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3. The kitchen

Separate you dining room from your kitchen island by having a chic space with bar stools and a dining space to entertain guests. You will love this welcoming kitchen that will make cooking more fun and having guests over always a joy.

Things to have: Decorate your kitchen island or bar area with wooden or rattan chairs to emphasize on a relaxing space. Personalize your kitchen shelfs with ethno and Moroccan inspired deco elements like plates, mugs or glasses and add also creative collectibles from your trips. Separate your kitchen area with ethno and colorful rugs and add a lot of green plants around the room.

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4. The dining area

When creative this space think of your favorite coffee place or restaurant or a vacation spot you really loved. Then, make this area super relaxing with neutral and comfy chairs and a nature inspired table that can fit your whole guest list. Mix chairs made from different materials and definitely choose at least one rattan one. Also, you can personalize your chairs with printed covers or faux fur covers.

Things to have: Decorate the walls with big round plates and surround all the dining area with oversized exotic plants.Pick a wooden table, an ethno rug and neutral deco elements like a dreamy vase or a wooden bar cart filled with your favorite products.

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5. The bathroom

Make your bathroom a dream come true and also get inspired by nature when decorating it. It has to feel like an oasis, while showering or taking a bath you have to feel like being in the middle of the nature.

Things to have: Green plant or leaves, Moroccan inspired tiles and one or more round mirror with nature inspired or golden frames. Also, choose tiny ethno inspired rugs and colorful cabinets in vivid and optimistic colors that make you think of the nature, the sky or the sea.

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6. Indoor terrace

For the cold season make your balcony or terrace a hidden outdoor-indoor space that is the constant remind that the summer is going to come eventually.

Things to have: From a woven lamp to woven chairs, think of nature inspired elements when decorating this space. Mix and match your chairs with colorful ethno pillows and covers mixed with furry covers in a neutral color scheme. Also, add a chic rug with stripes or an ethno inspired print and finish up the space with green plants and white candles. Moreover, think about a low coffee table or a dreamy coffee set to serve tea or your favorite coffee.

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