Which bathroom to choose in 2019 according to your zodiac sign

Since there are a lot of new dreamy trends in 2019, we thought about matching them which each zodiac sign. So, let’s talk about this year’s favorite relaxing spot – the home bathroom – and let’s see which bathroom is the perfect one for each zodiac sign:

Aries – Living Coral bathroom

Because Aries loves colors – and red and pink are amongst them – this season we recommend a living coral bathroom. This vivid and optimistic kind of bathroom will keep an Aries happy and determined.

Taurus – Farmhouse bathroom

Always searching for a relaxing spot, a Taurus will love a farmhouse inspired bathroom meant as a perfect oasis with a lot of calm deco elements. Choose a retro inspired bathtub, some wooden deco elements, some cozy carpets and some vintage inspired cabinets.

Gemini – An eclectic bathroom

Never settling for a single style, Gemini will love and eclectic bathroom this season. So, mix colorful tiles with vintage elements and ethno prints and make a creative bathroom that will keep you joyful.

Cancer – A dreamy vintage bathroom

This signs love of past makes him wish for a retro inspired bathroom filled with romantic elements and the gorgeous vintage details he loves so much.

Leo – A bathroom with golden details

This signs sure loves gold so this shade cannot miss from its dreamy bathroom. So pick an elegant bathroom in navy green or any fancy shade and mix it with some glam golden deco items.

Virgo A relaxing Moroccan inspired bathroom

This sign is constantly working so its bathroom it’s that escape place where he can relax. So, think of the calm and gorgeous Moroccan style when decorating your bathroom and mix printed rugs with raffia baskets and minimal elements.

Libra – The double mirror

A dual sign that loves balance, a Libra will love the double mirror trends. It’s practical and perfect for a large space, a kind of interior a Libra always searches for.

Scorpio – A mysterious bathroom

Dim the light in your bathroom and also choose a dark wall or some tiles in a dark shade and make this your hiding spot and also the perfect place for a romantic date.

Sagittarius – A bathroom painted in the dreamy Night Watch

The love this sign has for nature makes him wish for an elegant Night Watch bathroom. Also, to emphasize on the nature idea, decorate this lovely space with tiny green plants and wooden deco elements.

Capricorn – Black steel bathroom

This trendy bathroom is perfect for a Capricorn which loves elegance and also a minimal style. So choose a practical shower cabin with black steel details and decorate this space thinking that less is more.

Aquarius – The artsy bathroom

One of the most creative signs of the bathroom, an Aquarius will love a colorful bathroom with different patterns and also some framed pictures or paintings.

Pisces – Bathroom with a reading area

A know it all sign, a Pisces always loves to read and be informed or really loves to meditate so make your bathroom space a sanctuary. Decorate it with dreamy candles and also add a reading tray in the bathtub.

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