6 Colorful interiors that embrace a modern vibe

Colors are an essential element of the deco trends in 2019. The color game for this year has been won by two dreamy shades: Night Watch and Living Coral so this year think about green and pink whenever you feel like adding of pop of color in your dreamy home.

Why do we love colors so much and we need then in our home? Well, they make a space chic, happy, nature inspired (if we talk about green), calm (when we’re thinking about pastels) and also more modern! So, speaking of modernity, here are six colorful and modern interiors that will inspire you in this New Year:

1. The modern look

Pink, gold and Night Watch, yes this is indeed a trendy combo for 2019. The gold details make any space truly modern, pinks makes the space more romantic and green is that elegant shade that’s perfect for your walls this year. Also, don’t forget some dreamy round mirrors that will definitely make this space more modern.

2. Classy living space

Pick the dreamy Night Watch for a classy living room space and decorate this interior with mid century inspired furniture in elegant colors such as brown, olive or navy blue. As for the modern elements, pick a cool design for the chairs; choose a minimal inspired floor lamp an artsy paintings as the statement piece of the room.

3. Futuristic feeling

Make an elegant color contrast in your dining room by painting a wall in a dark green and pairing with it blue velvet chairs and a classy wooden table. Also, choose an art deco lamp for this space and an impressive painting that you can’t stop staring at.

4. Romantic vibe

Pair Night Watch with light pink and you will have a modern and romantic interior that’s perfect for your bedroom space. Choose the same color scheme for your bed and mix different patterns for a cozy vibe. Also, decorate this space with flowers and leaves to emphasize on the chic and romantic vibe.

5. Seventies inspired hallway

Mix a mid century inspired cabinet with colorful walls and a printed floor. You will love this modern vibe in your home so make this interior more creative by painting your hallway cabinet as you wish.

6. Retro vibes

Make a space both modern and retro by picking a strong and elegant color for your walls such as ocean blue and choosing seventies inspired furniture with modern deco items. Also, make sure that the small deco items you pick, like the side table and the lamp, are also colorful and create a modern color mix in this lovely interior.

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