5 Dreamy things we love about the new upcoming popular paint shade: Night Watch

If you plan changing your home in 2019 start with a fabulous pick  and choose Night Watch as the perfect wall shade. We’re telling you it’s fancy and elegant and we gathered five dreamy reasons why we are truly in love with this soon to be popular shade:

1. It’s super classy

Masculine, elegant and classy, this shade is simply gorgeous and it works great in spaces that are meant to be formal and fancy like a library, a retro bistro, your dreamy living room or study space.


2. It’s great with golden

Because it has a luxurious and royal touch to it, Night Watch goes great with golden shades making a powerful combo that will glam up any space in 2019. So, pick it for a home full of golden details or make your home more trendy and fancy by picking Night Watch and golden elements.

3. It brings a mysterious vibe to space

The dark tone of Night Watch adds mystery in a space so it’s great also for the bedroom, a room where you tend to hide and escape the crowded day to day life. Also, it mysterious vibe makes it great paired with art so a gallery wall or some art items added on a wall painted with Night Watch will look amazing.

4. It makes you think of nature

Seeking everyones need to reconnect with nature, this elegant color makes us think of a beautiful dark forest and also about escaping in a relaxing space. And since we love greenery so much in our lovely homes, this color will be the perfect substitute for any plant we can’t have in our home.

5. It add a certain drama to a space

This sophisticated shade is great in fabulous places such as interiors with a high ceiling, a Parisian chic design or a gorgeous fire place. It adds drama to any kind of space and it makes anyone instantly fall in love with it.

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