5 Things you need to know about the new cool Pantone shade – Living Coral

Its official, Pantone announced that Living Coral is the Color of 2019 and we are super excited that’s pinkish and super dreamy! It’s also sea themed and super vivid, so take a look at the five reasons why you need to have at least a bit of this trendy color in your new home in 2019:

1. It’s so dreamy that nobody can stop talking about it: Think about the sea and the dreamy coral reef and you will instantly start dreaming when thinking of this gorgeous Pantone shade. It’s also quite different, happy and optimistic so it’s the perfect approach for the New Year.

2. Its vibrant, yet mellow: Yes, this splendid Living Coral shade is that touch of color you need in a space, but it also looks pretty calm and mellow. So it has a balance to it that convinces you is a good color for a home.

3. Its super fresh: Living Coral has a super exotic twist to it so it’s perfect for the warm season. But that’s not all, this shade works wonders also with pastel and cold shades so it great also for a winter interior or a Nordic space.

4. This shade is calm and provides comfort: Just look at the beautiful Living Coral and you’ll instantly feel a calm vibe. So, pick it especially for a room that needs to be relaxing like the living room, your bathroom and your bedroom, especially!

5. Its unique: In a constant search for new and unique experiences, we always want something new and creative in our homes. So, these shades will be that original vibe you need in your home whether you pick a Living Coral wall, a tiny deco item or some statement pieces of furniture like a chair, or a side table.

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